October 11th - recently added to the app is graph overlays. This is super helpful when trying to see the relationship between various parameters. For example, temperature and humidity often have an inverse relationship where as temperature goes up, humidity goes down. To access this feature simply click the circle in the top right hand corner of each parameter to add it to the graph. You can add as many parameters as you'd like with the Day, Week, Month or Quarter view though in our opinion longer time frames are best viewed on a computer as opposed to mobile due to the larger screen size.
















March 22nd we're now offering the ability to set separate day and night time thresholds/alerts. To access this feature simply open the app and click on the name of the sensor that you'd like to adjust. Next, click on "Sensor Settings" in the top right hand corner:

In the top section you'll be able to adjust the start times for both Day and Night, and the following section allows you to adjust each parameter by simply moving the slider bars. If adjusting the start times please remember to press "Update Settings" after making your changes. If you prefer not to have separate day/night thresholds you don't need to do anything. We simply set both your day and night time thresholds to the original parameters you selected so no action is required on your end.

January 28th - humidity calibration has been added to the app. To access calibration simply find the sensor in the drop down on the left side of the screen. Once there, click on the sensor name and then "Sensor Settings" in the top right corner:


On the following screen the bottom half of the screen will allow you to calibrate your humidity. We suggest pressing the right button on the sensor one time to get the most recent humidity reading before inputting the expected reading. Once input, please make sure to press "Calibrate Humidity". 

When successful the app will automatically take you back to the sensor view screen. You should see calibrated readings within the next 30-60 minutes.



January 15th - major app update to iOS app only

-We have made a fairly significant update to the iOS app, so you will need to update the app manually if you aren't already set to auto update. You must do this to prevent future app crashes. Simply go to the App Store, type 'Mendel Sensors" and click on "Update" (or click the image below from an iPhone and it should take you to the app page directly). Making this update will allow both iOS and Android apps to have the same look/feel and more importantly will allow us to push changes more quickly than in the past. While the look of the app has changed the functionality of the app and sensor has not.